Charles Sandford

Bespoke timber components for buildings and industry.

Machined timber components can be crafted with the incredible precision required when producing architectural components in large quantities. Curved architraves, wall panelling and skirting boards, light fittings, plugs, handrails, door handles and pulls – the elements of a building that evoke a sense of refinement and attention to detail.

But this process has applications beyond architecture. Aerospace Technologies Australia engaged Charles Sandford to produce a full-scale model of a fuel tank, accurate to within half a millimetre. We also fabricate timber moulds for concrete, fibreglass and ceramics casters, and wooden hat blocks for leading milliners.

Manufacturing these components often combines the attention to detail and hand-skills of an artisan with mastery of highly sophisticated computer-controlled machinery. The latest addition to our workshop, our five-axis CNC machine, enables us to make almost any three-dimensional shape, and repeat it.

We wouldn't be truly Melburnian if we weren't involved in the coffee industry in some way! These premium barista tools are produced by Dolo, and we manufacture the solid timber handles. The dark handle on the middle portafilter is made from wenge, the lighter handles on the depth-adjustable tamper and top portafilter from zebrano.
The Pi table/desk centrepiece designed by Chris Connell and crafted from walnut timber by Charles Sandford. Photographed by Earl Carter.