Charles Sandford

Woodturning is in our DNA.

You don't get asked to turn the wooden base of the Melbourne Cup, or huge beechwood columns for London's Royal Opera House, if you don't know your way around a lathe. Charlie Sandford's experience and skill in woodturning is unmatched in Melbourne, and he's passed on everything that he's learnt to our team of craftspeople.

We have all of the tools required for traditional construction techniques – for example, long-hole boring and dovetail slotting for pedestal tables – as well as heavy-duty lathes that can turn massive pieces of timber.

All of our pieces are custom-made to your specifications, and we can copy a sample, or work from your drawings, in a variety of timbers. The list of objects our woodturners can produce is huge: spirals and barley sugar twists (up to 450mm in diameter and 3m in length), Victorian window ornamentation, verandah posts, columns, balusters, newel posts, finials, handrails and dowels, knobs, spindles, stools, bowls, eggs and balls, cabinet feet and more.

We can reproduce architectural and furniture components using all traditional woodturning techniques, for everything from large-scale restoration projects to replacing damaged or missing timber window treatments, turned furniture legs, verandah posts and balusters, or creating cabinetry to match the style and materials of an existing building.